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Handouts are finished for "Stories In The Solar" class for Noisemakers. This will be an experiment in creating a portable space for performers and audience members to be in the same room to rehearse / perform, study / learn, or watch / listen. If this one works I will create a companion class called "Songs (Solos?) In The Solar" for solo music-makers and audience 8)

One handout is mostly bibliography and comments, with a list of web links, the other one is a short piece with some hints for adapting and performing stories.

I have also assembled a small Storybook Petting Zoo 8) (I may or may not supplement hard copies with virtual copies, depending how many collections I have / can load onto the laptop)

Several people have mentioned an interest in storytelling. I have the noon hour at Noisemakers, hope to see you there!
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I will celebrate
The completion of a task
I had set myself.
Tales which Shakespeare found antique
Have a chance to live once more.

I finished mapping (as much as possible) online copies of most of the items from the reperteroire / library of one Captain Cox, mason of Coventry, as recounted by one Robert Laneham, and located (mostly) in manuscript / early printed book form by Frederick J. Furnivall.

Not all the works have survived.

Not all the works are free online for unrestricted reading.

I still want to read and summarize "Impatient Poverty".

The one-page list with all the links is still in draft form.

I have a piece I still want to write about why Captain Cox was at Kenilworth, since he didn't perform any of the pieces on that long list for the Queen (or Laneham doesn't explicitly say that he did).  

But the LIST is finished    8)


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I don't know how often [livejournal.com profile] stringlady comes to LJ any more, but elsewhere, she has announced a new cooking blog, on its own website.    

For those on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/inhabitedkitchen

For those not on Facebook:   http://www.inhabitedkitchen.com/

Home-cooked food from mostly local / fresh ingredients, and hints for pre-cooking some mix-and-match "convenience food" ingredients   8)
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That Yes-No thing is very long. Begging my friends to use LJ-cuts for this. For the love of God, you've got me outnumbered...

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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 TL;DR:    Someone else is WRONG on the Internet  8)

Several days ago, a size activist / HAES practitioner named Golda Poretsky had a TED talk posted on YouTube titled "Why It's Okay To Be Fat".     

Judging by the sustained, vitriolic attack of comments this YouTube post had to deal with starting yesterday, you would have thought she advocated kitten murder, or removal of all LOLCATS from teh Intarwebs,  or something.     Ragen Chastain of the blog Dances With Fat has called simply getting up in the morning and going about your daily life as you choose, in the body you have, without hating it, a revolutionary act.      She came to that conclusion after noticing the ubiquity of weight loss / thinness / fat-shaming messages we all receive on a daily basis.    

Poretsky's message was one of self-acceptance and self-love while pursuing healthy behaviors as one thinks best, letting the numbers on the scale fall wherever they may.    Most HAES practitioners would be concerned about weight gain only if it occurred rapidly over a short period of time, a worrying situation for humans of any size who are not pregnant  8)

Comments ranged from concern-trolling, as if submitting your habits for the approval of a hostile, critically-minded stranger were a natural occurrence (or every fat person's duty), to declarations calculated to inflame like "Everybody knows anyone can lose weight, all you have to do is REALLY STICK TO IT (and not lie to yourself AND US)", to name-calling and profanity-laden abuse.    

Elsewhere, I generically asked friends "who might have the time, and "spoons", to handle this sort of thing" to report and / or vote down (YouTube has this rating system, and mechanisms to report spam, fraud or abuse) the most egregious comments.     This went poorly.     One friend who dared comment back started getting flamed.     Chastain has reported that from time to time, bodybuilding or fat-hating groups on reddit or 4chan have organized "Fat Hate Days" and pointed trolls at (among other sites) her blog; it's possible something like that was organized to attack this video.      

Genuine size bigotry differs from other kinds of prejudice in several ways:

1)  Size is always assumed to be 100% controllable by force of will.
2)  Everyone is presumed to owe anybody else who happens to be looking,  a body size / shape which is arbitrarily designated "acceptable".     This designation is subject to change without notice.
3)  Because of  1) and 2), fat people are constantly told by bigots that the onus to stop the shaming and bigotry is on them:  "Just change yourself and this won't be an issue anymore."    (This gentlest expression of this pernicious idea was coined by "Health At Every Size author Linda Bacon, PhD.)   In what universe does giving the bullies your lunch money make them stop beating you up and go away?

I am setting aside some of the other "conventional wisdom" myths which were busted in "Health At Every Size"  like "state of size = state of health"     because I'm troubled by the idea that my size is only acceptable if I present as a "good fattie" (defined as metabolically healthy).      My friends would never turn abusive on me if I someday developed diabetes or something like that, but...

Someone commented on my request (presumably in answer to the talk title "It's Okay To Be Fat", beginning with the words "as long as your (fill in blank) numbers are good" and I deleted the comment because...

Metabolic health isn't promised either.      Eradicating body fat does not confer immunity from chronic disease in the way that cooking a chicken to 165 degrees or greater confers immunity from salmonella.     If it were that cut and dried, only fat people (or only sedentary people with poor diets) would have diabetes / hypertension / atherosclerosis and normal weight people (or people with healthy habits) would be immune.     Normal weight people are not immune from any of those diseases and neither are people who do everything they are "supposed" to do.    My father was an active man of normal to slightly over weight.     While he MAY have bought himself another year or two by quitting smoking,   a 90% coronary artery blockage / fatal coronary at the age of 37 is, I think, too freakish to completely avert with lifestyle change alone, and so are many, many other fatal illnesses.     Other people's certitude about habits will vary, but I was forced to this conclusion by circumstances beyond our control.

This is not a reason to give up the pursuit of healthy daily behaviors (which are proven to give people of all sizes our best shot at a higher quality of life regardless of lifespan), but I refuse to grant myself conditional acceptance and love "as long as my (insert lab value here) numbers are good."     Living with constant shame and stigma also correlates with chronic diseases like those above.

For my emotional health, I have to be able to tell myself, "It's okay for me to be fat."  

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--There is a chance that I missed the obvious in my research, in that I neglected to download public-domain copies of things I found before, like the 79 Black-letter ballads, etc.     However, I remedied that tonight.    

Link to "79 Black-letter Ballads"  http://archive.org/details/colletcionofseve00lilluoft%C2%A0

Link to Internet Archive copy of Laneham / Langham's Letter:  http://archive.org/details/lanehamsletterd00lanegoog ;

Last but not least, copy of a 19th-century book which surveys / summarizes the book / jestbook / ballad list (all owned / known by Captain Cox) from Laneham's Letter  ("Captain Cox, His Ballads and Books") :  http://archive.org/details/captaincoxhisba00lanegoog ;  It turns out the excerpt used in "Tudor Minstrel" is part of a longer list of works, and the second half of the list includes "The Hundred Merry Tales"  8)    8)

My Kindle is supposed to accept .pdf 's.  I downloaded and copied, the files show up on the list when the Kindle is connected to the computer, I can't read them yet, but if I attempt another transfer, at some point in the next few days TWO copies will appear there (Kindle's sort of a bitch that way...).


This is rather a long list, and we may not get to all the songs (OTOH, we have 90 minutes  8).

If you have a part song in mind to rehearse / learn and it's not on the list, and you have sheet music, we'll do it if you can bring copies to share.

Pastime With Good Company
Agincourt Carol
Pase el Agoa 
Ah Robyn
la la la je ne lose dir
Riu Riu Chiu
Psallite unigenito 
Now, O Now
Come Again, Sweet Love
Fortune My Foe
Chi Passa, per'sta strada
Une Jeune Fillette
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Resonet in Laudibus (Jacob Handl / Jacob Gallus arr.)

Riu, Riu, Chiu:

Psallite, Unigenito:

Boar's Head Carol:

Coventry Carol:

Es is Ein Ros Entsprungen:

A link to parts for "Es ist ein Schnee Gefallen" that is a) Free and b) NOT an arrangement for brass (2 pages).    
Lyrics for other verses here  http://www.golyr.de/volkslieder/songtext-es-ist-ein-schnee-gefallen-575821.html

Music for "Ecce Mundi Gaudium" here (you have to scroll down for it):
Lyrics here:

Link to Lochac's "Baroness Cecilia's Essential SCA Songbook", which has "Gaudete" and "Bring Us In Good Ale" among other popular year-round ditties:
(Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sarahbyrdd for pointing us towards this one--Aelinor / Piglet is still using the first (not "after midnight") half, and has added ("Ostgardr Favorites") to it and printed out new booklets  8)

Veni, Veni Emanuel  (four verses):
More lyrics Here:

Lyrics for "Orientis Partibus":

Personent Hodie:
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I woke to the buzz of an electronic alarm.    The flip of a switch,   several hours earlier,  provided me with a private supply of hot water sufficient for a shower.      All the water for ablutions and drinking was available at the turn of one of three taps connected to water pipes.    A cold breakfast, left ready last night in a cold storage box,  heated  to a good temperature for eating after two minutes in another electric box.   My chair-case had been packed the night before also, and it stood ready for me to pull behind me on its wheels.

After dressing, I went outside and boarded a hybrid-powered multi-person road vehicle.  I paid my fare with a swipe of a very thin plastic card.   The other passengers and I were driven over a few surface roads, then one road which ramped dozens of feet above that surface, and which crossed a large body of water at that height.    The sun had not yet risen, so the usual daylight sparkle on the water was absent.  In about an hour, the vehicle took me to a transfer point.    After ascending to the proper level by a small room which rose and descended almost noiselessly, I boarded an approaching electronic rail vehicle.     The destination  appeared in several places in each rail car, in red-lit letters.    

At the rail vehicle’s final stop, several  flights underground, the other passengers and I ascended to street level  gradually, to one level in another small room, and up to the street on a moving staircase.   I walked around the corner and down a second street, into a large, echoing network of open spaces with rather low ceilings.    It was full of four-seated road vehicles.   Travelling below ground again, I approached one I had never seen before.   Removing a different plastic card from my wallet, I pressed the card on one corner of the vehicle’s windshield.    The tiny red electric “eye” in that corner lit, beeped quietly, and then the vehicle’s doors unlocked with a click.    I breathed a tiny, ridiculous sigh of relief.    I had identified the proper vehicle by its type, and by the name provided by data upload when I had reserved and hired the vehicle, and this was not my first such hiring.     I was relieved anyway.    

Loading the chair-case into the rear storage compartment, I got into the seat where the vehicle’s controls lay, and depressed the safety pedal with one foot while turning the appropriate switch, bringing the vehicle’s motor to life.    I maneuvered the vehicle slowly,  the road beneath me sloping upwards, until I exited the building in the late autumn sunlight.   At varying interval speeds, I took the vehicle over surface roads and into an underground tube which crossed, and bypassed, a river.    

After another hour or so, I turned the vehicle off the road onto a space provided for stationary vehicles.     The signs on the building in front of me indicated this was an establishment where data-transfer equipment could be used for hire.      Sliding yet a third plastic card from my wallet, I inserted it into one data-transfer machine, arranged to hire its use, and began collecting the data I was seeking, in paper form.

A long time later, I realized that I had spent too long seeking one elusive piece of data and must abandon that quest or I would not reach my friends in time for the data to be of any use.     I closed down the hire, retrieved my card,  hired a second machine to duplicate the papers I’d generated, and exited soon after with a pile of papers in my hand.    I stored the new papers, restarted the vehicle, and resumed my journey.    Several of the roads I travelled were tolled, the fees paid when I hired the vehicle and noted as paid when a “reader” machine in one of the periodic payment stations connected with a second sensor inside the vehicle.   I used the small data machine that lived in my bag to determine my location and distance from my destination, once the sensor in the data machine connected with the positioning satellite.  

Some time after my arrival, I greeted one of my friends, holding up a paper--

“I found copies of “Riu, Riu, Chiu” and “The Boar’s Head Carol” !”

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...but literally.

"Sandy" is a misnomer.    "Sandusky"  "MALisSande"  "Sandstorm" would be more like it.   

Current predictions prompted Cuomo to shut down the MTA service as of 7 pm.     Bloomburg ordered a mandatory evacuation of "zone A"  (New and Improved!   With ROCKAWAYS!)   for today.    Earlier predictions put the worst of the storm starting tomorrow, but with no bus service, etc., I'll decamp for higher ground (job is marginally higher ground, out of "zone A") later this afternoon, hopefully before the bus / train crunch starts.   Things need to be moved out of / away from my windows, and one load of laundry done, in the next hours.    

I am safe.

"Heark'ee, Thor of the Thunder!
We are not here for a jest—
For wager, warfare, or plunder,
Or to put your power to test.
This work is none of our wishing—
We would house at home if we might—
But our master is wrecked out fishing.
We go to find him to-night.

      For we hold that in all disaster—
      As the Gods Themselves have said—
      A Man must stand by his Master 
      Till one of the two is dead."

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Every year, the church Youth Fellowship used to take us to a local golf course (Lehigh County had several) to the only miniature golf course in the area.    The concept has always charmed me, especially when the course is mechanically ingenious / creative.    I am...how to put this delicately...a sucky golfer, or I was the last time I attempted Making A Tiny Ball Go Where I Direct, in my twenties.    Real golf would have no appeal (I keep thinking about George Carlin's blistering indictment of elite rich people tying up all that land to chase such a teeny little ball), but the mini variety condenses the hazards and the space. 

The last two weeks have been sort of grueling.   (EKU gets its own f-locked post, and was multiple levels of awesome).    This was also the period during which I "made up" for the days I take off from work to go to Pennsic.     I want a treat, and this is what I settled on:    a miniature golf "crawl".      There are a number of courses in the city, and the two at the top of this list are calling to me:    http://newyork.cbslocal.com/top-lists/5-best-mini-golf-courses-in-new-york/    I've never been to Pier 25 or to Randall's Island, so this kills multiple birds with one stone.

There's a golf center in far south Brooklyn across from Aviator Sports, a short bus ride away from me, three in Queens  (two in Flushing, one in Douglaston), an indoor center near Union Square, in addition to the ones I plan to check out today.    That should keep me busy as long as the outdoor centers stay open  8)
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In Which I Rant About Stephen Cosgrove's "Catundra" )

Yesterday morning,  I started to think about the kind of story I WOULD have liked to read.     I wasn't sure where it was going to go, but I typed furiously on my phone (a first for this kind of writing), and before I knew it I had something finished.    I edited a couple of things.      I know of a friend who is looking for a children's story for a project, but at this point I'm not sure this works for anyone but me.

"Fatty Phoebe" )

ETA:   I'm creating a link to this page for someone not on my friends list, which means I have to unlock it.     If you want your comments not to be publicly visible, please contact me by private message.    Anybody want what they already wrote screened?
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Three small red-haired girls
And a brunette baby boy
Visit my workplace.
Small children, like pups and kits,
Create spontaneous smiles   8)
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Paging through journal entries (adding tags for sheet music links and class notes), I realized I'd never (publicly) posted links to sheet music for the Rounds class from Musicians' Day 2010.      

Rounds from a past class )


Ravenscroft facsimiles )

ETA:   Aaaaaand I found a copy of Guido d'Arezzo's Ut Queant Laxis:
or  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ut_queant_laxis
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I am in the eye of the holiday storm  8)

The Christmas shopping is finished, and I have discovered all the gift mistakes I am going to.    For those mistakes I have come up with solutions I can live with.      I am done with the stores, so I no longer live in fear of listening to Johnny KMAthis.   

Some cooking still has to happen, some gift wrapping still has to happen, and some loved ones are yet to be met.    Some people (mostly strangers) have already received, and some are yet to receive, the gift of my unspoken restraint (this space intentionally left vague...).

I want to close this post with the prayer that I offer on behalf of all my loved ones and fellow-travellers, as often as I manage to remember it:

May God bless you and keep you, that you should not lack for what you need, and may He bless and keep you so that you should not lack for that which you give. 
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I haz winter boots;
Fur linings and sturdy soles
Promise protection.
This should guarantee us a
Snow-free winter....You're welcome   8)
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Naomi Wolff   has written a disturbing, chilling series of allegations about the sudden uptick in police activity towards   OWS.     The important thing to me about her article is her claim to have received some sort of coherent list of demands from the protesters by...get this...asking them.    I am paraphrasing and editing below:

1)   "Get the money out of politics"   would mean reversing the Citizens United decision and replacing some kind of cap on campaign contributions.     Presumably, because these people have demonstrated that they cannot  be trusted.

2)    "reform the banking system to prevent fraud and manipulation, with the most frequent item being to restore the Glass-Steagall Act – the Depression-era law, done away with by President Clinton, that separates investment banks from commercial banks".    Funny how the people who blame the mortgage crisis on Clinton conveniently forget this part...sounds like these people cannot be trusted.

3)    "draft laws against the little-known loophole that currently allows members of Congress to pass legislation affecting Delaware-based corporations in which they themselves are investors".     Because  (say it with me now)  These people can. not.  be. trusted.

4)    I have seen other proposals which would reign in our obscenely wealthy Congress, like a Constitutional Amendment forbidding Congress from exempting itself from any laws it imposes on the rest of us,    or forcing all members of Congress out of office if  the deficit goes above a certain level   (I would limit the ouster to the kind of perfect storm of joblessness and fiscal irresponsibilty we're enjoying right now), but any of these sound good to me.    Eventually implementing all of these proposals sounds good to me.

What the above does not sound like to me is incoherent.     Or socialist.   Or terribly unrealistic.    It also does not sound like a list of ideas for police to be beating, spraying or manhandling citizens over.     

One way to support the protesters is to turn the list above into some kind of meme signal that people can boost to more rapidly build grass-roots support for reforms.

I wish I were better at things like that  8P 


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