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I won't be staying at a Marriott again. This, from the Stamford Advocate:


(Many thanks to  gurdymonkey  for the live link edit   8)

Short version: Defense lawyers (in a civil suit) accuse a sexual assault victim of negligence in her own attack, and have subpoenaed a number of acquaintances, thus "outing" her as a victim to any who hadn't been told. (Because, you know, if I got attacked, the first person I'd tell would be my Pilates instructor 8P )

The Marriott corporation may or may not own or manage the Stamford Marriott. I don't care. If the place has your name on it, either step up or remove your name. I've seen a number of comments to the effect that this situation has made potential customers feel that Marriott does not place a high priority on customers' safety (or womens' safety).

Thanks to [info]zaduzbina  for posting the link to the Jezebel.com article about this. Anybody know of activities of interest which take place at Marriott hotels? (According to the Birka website, it's a Radisson, but I haven't done the paperwork when I've stayed in the hotel...)

The thing that gets me is the hubris. I understand that a hotel has a deeper financial pocket than a rapist. I also understand that a sufficiently determined criminal can evade even the most dedicated security measures/staff. But do the lawyers go with the merits? NO! Of course not! "Who does this woman think she is? By G-d, we'll show her! Gotta make an EXAMPLE, BOY HOWDY!" Any pocket deep enough to be sued, must have the resources to hire an attorney who is wise enough to NOT COME OFF LIKE THE BIGGER JERK. I thought that was Civil Suit Law 101...

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 My sunset-pink "tour-bus" is undriveable.

In the meantime, I have a Metrocard and and updated train schedule    8)
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 Three weeks ago my friend BagLadyLorraine booked me for the busking job I did last year at the Phoenixville PA Firebird Festival (aka "Burning Bird"   8).      This year I may get a fee in addition to what I can get people to drop in my hat or pay me for CD's.    All seems good.

One of my favorite events of the last few years has been Bhakail Yule    (aka Branslers and Extended Family Christmas and Dance Music Jam).     I haven't seen  [personal profile] woodwindy  since before Mina was a bump   8(     I want to sing with  [profile] siobhan1214   and   [profile] t_bard   and  [personal profile] shalmestere  and  [personal profile] hudebnik   (although, fair's fair, the three of us can jam whenever the mood and the schedules allow   8)   and whoever else comes along.

You all know what I'm about to say, so I'm not gonna bother to say it    8(

All activities featuring the local Champions of Ahistorical Dysfunction are miserably spread throughout my calendar with no escape in sight.     If I want to see my friends  at all,  I'm still gonna have to leave Yule at 3 in the afternoon to go to work.

Anybody going to Hundred Minutes War?       I'll bring sheet music and a guitar....
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Worked extra to cover vacationing co-worker yesterday.

Came home to squishy-wet floor.

Humidity 91%.      Floor still squishy.

I don't have time to deal with this $&!t now.
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I am not at Buskerfest.       I did not get paid (again).     (This time, the payroll computer died and NOBODY got paid.     I don't care WHAT Misery loves, I HATE this F$!%*&#!! company.)      
There was an unforeseen problem that prevented me from getting my rental car, which I could not fix because I Did Not Get Paid.     
I schlepped a giant suitcase full of performing and camping equipment on and off of buses and trains (and waiting areas) for fourteen hours with nothing to show for it.      I prepaid for camping space and they don't do refunds.
Someday after performing IS my day job, I may write a memoir and include this day's events on a list of  "insurmountable odds" I had to overcome, or something.     

Sunday is supposed to be warmer / sunny.      Busking in Washington Square might be nice.     At least the people who put money in my hat don't need a computer to pay me for my hard work.  


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