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Payday comes but once every fourteen days, and on that day I eat out.    Today I treated my Inner Anglophile.

The day started, dressed for the rain (complete with a London Fog coat and a bumbershoot) trekking to Brooklyn for da paycheck.     The gray sky and chilly rain were what a Brit friend often described as "typical English weather".     (He wasn't mine, but he was my friend and he looked and sounded divine.     The one sketch I've drawn which I'm proud enough to display (on my bathroom wall...well, there was already a nail there...) is based on a photo of him.)    

Late lunch (a fried sole fillet) was obtained from a Village chip shop called A Salt and Batterie.    They do not use actual newsprint to blot the oil, but the battered taste is completely perfect.    (They sell all manner of dreadfully unhealthy fried matter, including Mars Bars)     I'd planned to have a "cream tea" for dessert at Tea and Sympathy, a tea shop two doors away owned (I think) by the same people as the chip shop and predating it.     The clotted cream I've had there is surrounded by roses in my memory and it's been more than a few years since I've tasted it.    The shop was packed.     It appears to be so habitually packed that the tiny shop's owners have had to post several rules including "$9.50 minimum purchase per person".      

So I'm on the crosstown bus trying to remember which block of 14th Street contains a Garden of Eden (It's off 5th Ave.).      I'm willing to bet they have scones and berries.     I have tea.     If I have to forgo clotted cream for creme fraiche or something, I'll deal.    Got the scones, got berries, hit dairy case...creme fraiche...glance to the right...what's this other stuff?     


I didn't know they sold clotted cream in jars  8)    8)   8)

Later, after the triglyceride haze wore off, I made myself a nice plate of veggies.      So it all balances out, right?

I couldn't decide whether I wanted to hear "Blackadder II"'s real English accents or  "Merlin"'s mix of real and fake (Sam Neill's from NZ but Miranda Richardson...isn't  8).     I finally popped in "Pirates of the Caribbean:CotBP", settling on Mostly Fake (I have no idea where Orlando Bloom is from, but Geoffrey Rush is an Aussie).

I should be good for another 10,000 miles   8)


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