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 I just jumped away from my computer screaming.

I feel violated.

::::::::goes to check out Mozilla / Firefox with AdBlock::::::::

:::::::::ponders killing the hotmail account::::::::::;

::::::::::::puts on big stompy shoes just in case:::::::::::::
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Thursday night there was  a vague discomfort and a tickle behind my nose.

I spent most of Friday sleeping / dozing / moaning under many blankets (and a warm cat); my face was sore and achey all the way to my brain.

This morning after I coughed and honked I realized my face almost didn't hurt any more.    I can almost breathe.     Still intermittently coughing and honking.

I am grateful for warm blankets, cats, Claritin, Robitussin and Vicks Vapo-rub    8)

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Since my return from Pennsic I have been much occupied with my nursing duties as a colleague went on a nearly-unannounced vacation (requested my coverage on a Tuesday for that Saturday and Sunday);    I accepted, since (as Trelawney might say) "funds were low".     The five days I worked that week included a loooooooooooong hike to a friend's house for dinner (patient can't always go out on Shabbos) and two outpatient testing visits (If your doctor frequents a teaching hospital, never let 'em leave you alone with both an inexperienced doctor AND an inexperienced nurse  >80

Last week I started to have a cold, which I medicated into 70% submission, so during my subway show Friday I was okay for a two-hour shift (THAT was a shift I wouldn't have missed -- in addition to being flirted with ("Are you gonna come with me and let me cook you breakfast for the rest of your life?")   and solicited to work ("We're asking lots of musicians to wear our buttons and t-shirts and work for free this September 11th to make music for peace."      I'd have to rearrange my work schedule...to work for nothing.    Sorry, you can't afford me today  8), I also got tipped Very Nicely.     If the tipper made a mistake I hope he doesn't feel the need for what he gave me.      

Saturday I went to Rockaway Beach on a whim (sans suit, so only my legs went swimming   8).    I love being only a bus trip away from the ocean.   

Sunday I went to Staten Island for Multi-focal SCA practice (Archery and whatever else people who come want to do).    Willow Brook Park is worth the insanely long trip, with woods and picnic tables and barbecue grills and a carousel not far from the fenced archery range.      

Monday night after work my cold was back with reinforcements.    I've been medicated for three days.   
More about what happened today in my next post.
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Worked extra to cover vacationing co-worker yesterday.

Came home to squishy-wet floor.

Humidity 91%.      Floor still squishy.

I don't have time to deal with this $&!t now.
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I spent most of the early part of the day being sick 'n' mizerable (URI).     Also saved up my strength to meet [personal profile] shrinkyoheadin Manhattan.     They were here with some friends who took my sister to see Madame Butterfly at NY Opera for her *mumblemumble*th birthday.      (I missed the opera.    I lack a proper appreciation for operatic singing, so all is well  8)    We met at Lincoln Center and walked to Restaurant Row for dinner.   She told me she cried quite a lot and preferred the performance of the serving-maid to that of the leading lady.   

Meson Sevilla  (Spanish with a smattering of Italian) came highly recommended, and Sis happily said it reminded her of their visit to Spain as five of us dived into a table-full of various tapas washed down with green (!) sangria ("in honor of St. Patrick's day", we were told  8/      It turned our mouths green).   Some of them raved about the mussels, and we all loved the calamari (including my b-i-l, who usually doesn't eat seafood, and me--I had never, before tonight, eaten calamari that did NOT resemble pencil erasers  8).    The crab-stuffed mushrooms were a little underdone for my taste, but otherwise delicious.    The chorizo cooked with wine and onions tasted much better than the plain kind--it's a little dry.    The spicy potatoes were tasty and garlicky.    I can no longer remember the names of the delicious desserts we all shared.

This was my first experience with tapas, and I loved the concept of buying a dozen different plates to pass around family-style.     Also, now I know of one kind of new restaurant to look for next time they all come to visit.    They were REALLY pleased.   My b-i-l was all but bouncing in his seat before we ordered, saying "Tapas!Tapas!Tapas!"   

Must sleep now.


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