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Before the stupid Scientology controversy (and the immortal line  "Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet!!"), there were bizarre South Park scenes and songs like this one:

Ten years ago, my improv partner Ed made his best Halloween costume ever by simply donning a red shirt, hat and apron.    We didn't make the Village Halloween parade, but he had the time of his life just roaming the streets    8)   

Just one of  many  cool things Isaac Hayes made possible.
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Originally I had planned to "embed" something else to round out    [personal profile] shalmestere 's birthday V-gift.     
I am fooling no one.      This is mostly for me     8) 

Gotta love When Muppets Fight ...

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I've finally found something trippier than Moog Cookbook    http://www.amazon.com/Moog-Cookbook/dp/B000003BL2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1215171163&sr=1-2.

Meet Baby Rock.       http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_dmusic?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=baby+rock&x=5&y=18

You know, cause when I think   "age-appropriate relaxation", I'm thinkin'    "Enter Sandman", "Highway to Hell" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday".      On vibraphone, glockenspiel and mellotron    8P    8P    8P

Unfortunately, the Zeppelin  "tribute" has no rendition of "The Immigrant Song"    8)
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I chose this clip, even though he shares the spotlight here (with Flip Wilson) and usually worked alone, because twenty years after I first heard it, the "freak accident" joke still makes me giggle.

I loved his musings on words and language ("Tune in again next week for "F#CK OF THE MOUNTAIN!!!".
I loved his "suggestions for keeping  people  alert" like "Go into a  gun store   Buy a gun, then buy some ammunition.    Then ask the guy if they have any ski masks."
I loved the spot he did (SNL?) where all he did was go out there and stand, silent, looking at the audience which started laughing louder and louder.    Before Kaufman did anything "experimental".  

In recent years I  got sad watching how angry he became onstage--not because he was wrong about the stuff that made him angry, but because more angry started to become less funny.    

The tag below (thinking up goofy sh!t) is Carlin's own description of his job.

::::::raises glass, waves bye-bye:::::::   Goodbye, teacher I never met...
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"Laugh-In" was one of my father's favorite shows and one of my earlier memories is of watching both the action on-screen and seeing my father shaking with laughter as he reclined on the sofa.

Most of the jokes, of course, went right over my head 8)

I wanted to use a "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate" presentation, but there was, sadly, none available.

I did, however, find  "Say Goodnight, Dick."        "Goodnight, Dick."      8)
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My mom got me hooked on this show, once I was old enough to stay up late on Saturday nights   8)
Since most of the memories I've read about Korman talked fondly about his straight-man-desperately-trying-not-to-crack-up scenes with Tim Conway, this looked like the best example to use. 
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Kurt (Jack) was the prime mover behind the busiest years of a small improv and sketch comedy group I helped found called the Unusual Suspects    (our name was forged by hate and confusion at the hands of the film which netted Spacey an Oscar).   
For three months in early 2000, we played "12 Angry Shows"  at a trippy space called Surf Reality south of Delancey Street.    

 Kurt has spent the last few years performing two one-man shows on the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit (mostly) and is taking "off" this summer to focus on writing.   mostly     8)       After the Suspects broke up, Juliette started playing drums and is very into jazz and experimental music ( I think).      

Artistic pimpage :   

Jack:   www.kurtfitzpatrick.com
Rose:  www.myspace.com/joojooluv 
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Oldie but goodie (2005), from RP ranter    [profile] dayofjudah

"Let me take you out to the field of mating clues, who are fervently doing the clue mating dance to attract more studly, vibrantly colored clues, whilst filling the air with a pheromone-rich spray of clue musk. Behold, my little RP newbie acquaintance, CLUES! CLUES! NOW ALLOW ME TO GRASP ONE BY ITS WIGGLY FEET AND BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH IT!"

Even if I were brave enough to use it, there are so many places in which it could be deployed....where first??
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This note just dropped into my email box:

Dear  [personal profile] minstrlmummr,
You recently submitted a CD with some of your music to (insert content provider here). We are considering using your music in a segment and just need to know a few things. Is your music original? And can we get a release signed to use your music for the show?
If so, we can email you or fax you a release form for you to sign. Please email me back at (insert email addy here) as soon as possible.
Thank you,

Z--------  C--------
"The Rachael Ray Show"

Three of the songs are original, but since this is (mostly) a food show, my blind guess would be that they want "Carrot Juice Is Murder" which is owned by The Arrogant Worms.      In my answer I told them which songs I own and that I'll release any of those which they might want.      I also credited the composers of the cover songs and told them what I know about finding a recording of "Carrot Juice" by the composers, and their website addy   (no reason the Worms shouldn't get the exposure if I can't...)

Hey, if I can't get on the show, maybe they need another web researcher    8)
ETA:   I just received an email with a release form attached -- they're doing a montage of street performers.   My music may still not get on the air, but everybody who gets into the segment will be notified when the segment is due to air     8)
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One of the bright spots from last week happened courtesy of   [personal profile] shalmestereand   [personal profile] hudebnik, who got tickets for a special college show by  The Capitol Steps.  I've heard a couple of their albums, and was a little worried because the humor on the albums was sometimes absurdly dated, sometimes too forced to watch, sometimes amusing   8)

The show was...occasionally dated (Bush debating....John Kerry?), occasionally forced,    often HILARIOUS (The Bush debate subject was "Why did the Chicken cross the road?" --  Bush's response was a befuddled tour de farce) and...dear God, the sheer VOLUME of funny material was  impressive and fantastic and..."Thanks, I needed that."      8)      8)        8)

I was stunned at the end of the ninety   (?)  minutes when, after a dizzying array of wig and costume changes, the five, count 'em, FIVE performers came out for their bows.      

I figured I counted at least eight different body types.    

I repeats -- I needed that.
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You're welcome    8)
Besides, why should I deteriorate alone? 
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 lives on in the persons of comedy/music duo Igudesman and Joo.

Thanks to   charles_midair    for posting   "Rachmanninoff Had Big Hands"     8)

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Trippy Videos "R" Us ...
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And besides, why should I suffer alone???     

The link below connects to an...animated version of the official London, 2012, Olympics logo.      Some people have expressed some displeasure as to the logo's aesthetics, and noticed an unfortunate parallel.


You're welcome   8)

Edit : The BBC website has put up alternative logos sent in by viewers / readers, in two blocks of 11 each:


(my fave alternative is in the second "block")

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Two weeks ago I went to see my friend and improv colleague Kurt Fitzpatrick in a two-person play about a couple's relationship, called "52 Pick-Up", the gimmick of which is that the 52 scenes are shuffled like a deck of cards and performed in a different order every night. The play is a graduate of Montreal Fringe Festival--not to be confused with the Ottawa, Saskatoon, Edmonton or Winnipeg Fringe Festivals; apparently in Canada, Fringe Festivals roam free and wild 8). We talked afterwards about performances which challenge the performer (Kurt's very funny and accustomed to maximizing that onstage, so this play was a stretch). He did very well.

Starting next month Kurt will be touring Fringe Festivals with two one-man shows he wrote himself, "Rebel Without A Niche" (about his day jobs and odd jobs) and "Hooray For Speech Therapy" (about living with his (99% offstage) stutter).

He worked with Unusual Suspects for four years and was the driving force behind our most successful performances, a run called "12 Angry Shows" in 2000. Some of his most memorable characters included the superhero Choir Boy (whose incoherent ululations induced evil-destroying Catholic Guilt), a pirate (before Johnny Depp "made it cool again") and a guy who felt so at home hanging out at Barnes & Noble cafe that he and his roommate started personal grooming rituals:
K: What the hell are you doing?
D: Shaving!
K: That's obvious, man, but have you no decorum? It's your BACK that needs shaving!

I'm so proud 8)
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I found out this morning that one of my favorite comics, Richard Jeni,  is dead.      Possible / likely suicide.

If you have never heard of this dude or his act, do yourself a favor and look up some video on comedycentral.com or youtube.    (some bits R-rated / Not Work Safe.) 

On Red Lobster:    "Why is it only a lobster that has to put up with this (being selected from a tank just before dinner)?    You go to a steakhouse, there's no COW tank!"     (followed up by a tearful cow sobbing:   "WHY DON'T YOU HAVE THE LOBSTER???"  Lobster:   "SHUT UP!!!")

On pr0n:   "Every dirty movie should be called what it is:  Stuff That Never Happens To You--EVAR!!"
(singing) "Somewhere, over the rainbow
                  People get sex in the middle of the day for no apparent reason; 
                  If a fat ugly guy can get three women in a hot tub
                  Why, oh why can't I?"

On bilingual airplane announcements:
"Por favor, kiss your ass buenos noches!    Please kiss your ass buenos noches at this time!   We're about to hit a giant Montano!"

Written down, the words don't fully convey the funny.     He deprived us all of the delivery system that was his act.      I hope he is in a less painful, funnier place.

Go check out some video.


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