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Paging through journal entries (adding tags for sheet music links and class notes), I realized I'd never (publicly) posted links to sheet music for the Rounds class from Musicians' Day 2010.      

Rounds from a past class )


Ravenscroft facsimiles )

ETA:   Aaaaaand I found a copy of Guido d'Arezzo's Ut Queant Laxis:
or  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ut_queant_laxis


Nov. 11th, 2011 12:32 pm
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"Oh, look!   Magic time!"
That's how my friend used to greet
Eleven minutes
After eleven o'clock.
Magic moments, magic day   8)


Final song list for Musicians' Day Cancionero class:

1)  Ollademe, Gentil Dona    (Had to go visit "Monumentos de la Musica Espanola" for this one)
2)  Mas Vale Trocar

3)  Al Alva Venid, Buen Amigo


4)  Antonilla es Desposada   (purloined from "Monumentos")

5)  Dindirindin  (This sheet music has all the words in the staves, which helps to show syllable distribution for elliding)


6)  La Bella Malmaridada    (in "Monumentos")

7)  Tres Morillas   

To-Do list includes  cooking up some of the produce in my fridge,   returning CD's to NYPL, maybe hitting the Chocolate Show, maybe hitting "Puss In Boots" before it leaves the theaters, and trekking to CIty Island for Commons.      

Bookmarkings of Body-Positive pages:

Regan Chastain's "Dances With Fat" blog

Leonard Nimoy's "Full Body Project",  photographs of "Fat-Bottom Revue" burlesque dancers in homage to other paintings and photos (Like "Nude Descending A Staircase" or Herb Ritts'  photo of a cluster of supermodels), has given me a new reason to love the guy.    Elsewhere on the gallery website is a link to Stephen Colbert's hilarious interview from 2007.     I regret that it's taken me this long to find these photos.


Today or tomorrow, will check out Kevin Smith's "Too Fat For 40" video on Netflix.      The title sprang from last year's Southwest Airlines incident.     I may also check out "Red State".


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IN TAVERNA   ("In the Tavern")

(Original Latin lyrics from "Carmina Burana", circa 12th Century--abridged from 7 verses)
Partly adapted from George Whicher's English verse by Judith Fitzhenry

In the tavern when we drink, we care not what the world may think.
We set out for drink and dicing--of all sports the most enticing.
Would you glance at our hijinks where our coin pours out the drinks?
Would you have that scene unfurled? Hark to me, I'll tell the world.

As we play and drink, my friends, we burn the candle at both ends.
Of those who drink and play the game, some will lose and mourn the same.
Some add garments on their backs, some will end up dressed in sacks,
All thought else each man postpones when for the drinks we roll the bones.

The mistress drinks and so the master, maid and servant drinking faster,
Man and woman drinking both, so priest and soldier, by my troth,
Black men, white men drink it down, fast and slow men hit the town,
Men drink at home and when abroad, scholar too and foolish clod.

Fathers drink and so do mothers, sisters drink and so do brothers,
All are drinking without measure, All in drinking find their pleasure.
All who treat these thirsty folk will by dawn be stony broke.
What care we what others think? We drink and drink and drink and drink!

BRING  US IN GOOD ALE  (a 15th-century drinking song)
Abridged from many verses

CHORUS:    Bring us in good ale, good ale, and brink us in good ale,   
                       For our Blessed Lady's sake, bring us in good ale!

1)   Bring us in no beef, for there is many bones,
       But bring us in good ale, for that goeth down at once.    BUT...


2)   Bring us in no brown bread, for that is made of bran,
       Nor bring us in no white bread, for therein is no grain.    BUT...


3)   Bring us in no bacon, for that is passing fat,
       But bring us in good ale, and give us enough of that.   BUT...


4)   Bring us in no mutton, for that is passing lean,
       Nor bring us in no tripes, for they be seldom clean.     BUT...


5)   Bring us in no eggs, for there are many shells,
       But bring us in good ale, AND GIVE US NOTHING ELSE!!    SO...


ETA:    Sample link for "In Taberna Quando Sumus"   (sifting through the 20th-century music ticks me orff   8)

And a sample for "Bring Us In Good Ale" :
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Friday afternoon I got to the NYPL (the branch with the lions) with a scant hour to spare, but since I knew what I was looking for, it turned out to be all the time I needed.      George Whicher's "The Goliard Poets" has words to three of the four "Carmina Burana" songs I use in the filking class.    He wrote his own English rhymes (which mostly scan) based on his translation from the Latin, but the book does not contain a literal translation.     I think his words were more meant to be read than sung, so I'm doing a little tweak here and there.      

I'm including lyrics for five songs in a handout for the feast tables--please feel free to assume I REEEEEEALLY don't want to sing any of these alone.    If we don't get to all five during dinner, we can bring the handouts to the Bardic Circle later.      The two I most want to do during feast are "The Little Barley-corn" and "Bacche Bene Venies".     "Bring Us In Good Ale" is one Sing Thing singers might remember, and "In Taberna" is just a really easy melody.      


'Bacche Bene Venies' and 'The Little Barley-corne' )

ETA:    Aaaaaaaaaaand...here are a couple of links to mp3 samples from Amazon: 

For "Bacche Bene Venies":

For "Stingo", the tune for "The Little Barley-corne":

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I wrote these up at Pennsic this year (I'm undecided whether the habit of writing lyrics while AT the event is a bug or a feature--I've had some very satisfactory results from such compositions).     They were debuted while I did "medieval radio" / wallpaper music, alternating with Sol la Cantor, at the State Dinner Tuesday night.   She did music from Poland, Norway and Denmark as well as (I think) France and Italy, which impressed the heck out of me   8)    I was grateful to Mistress Anne for both the opportunity and the suggestion that we two, the last two performers, alternate songs until whenever the dinner broke up or needed to break up.  

For the first time, I resigned myself to part-rhymes or near-rhymes in some places, and any suggestions for alternate phrasings would be welcomed.

"Dindirindin" y "Tres Morillas" )


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