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 Much to my surprise, today I learned that a friend and co-worker attended college with, and befriended, one Janet Kagan, the author of a much-loved Trek novel,   "Uhura's Song".      http://www.amazon.com/Uhuras-Song-Star-Trek-No/dp/0671652273/ref=pd_bbs_sr_4?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1204854648&sr=8-4

(My family named a cat after one of the alien characters...)   CAVEAT:   if  Mary Sue stories are not your cup of tea, pass it by.    I won't be offended   8)     Truly, in addition to the "find-a-cure" main story and the "first contact" secondary thread, this reeeeally is a Mary Sue story.)

Unfortunately, the circumstance under which I acquired this new knowledge was my friend's making unexpected weekend plans to attend a memorial service across the river  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janet_Kagan    8(    
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***Expository interlude***
My mother's infatuation (dating back to Original Series, First Run) makes me a second-generation Trekkie, minus the Convention / Newsletter subculture.      Trek is one of the few live-action shows I remember from being Rather Small--first episode I recall seeing is The One With The Chick Who Folded Flat ("That Which Survives"?). 
***END Expository Interlude***

During the Eighties, our house acquired a daunting collection of paperback canon and non-canon novels, including several titles written by Diane Duane (of "So You Want To Be A Wizard?" fame).    One of our favorites was "My Enemy, My Ally", which, in Duane's own parlance, began to "give the Romulans the John M. Ford (Klingon developer) treatment".     One quasi-sequel was written, enjoyed, but Just Not As Good (tm) because of a plethora of new characters ("not in the first book, either" new) got the lion's share of the page-time.   

Time passed.

Life happened.    Brother Cadfael and works by Nora Roberts replaced the Trek novels on my mother's shelves.

However, she has a daughter who compulsively searches Amazon . com from time to time on random quests.     One such quest unearthed the presence of not one, but two subsequent Duane books which continue the story, with a return of the beloved characters and fewer new ones.

This daughter also lives near a Borders and sometimes lacks patience. 

Once the volumes have been suitably vetted (Kwalitty Kontrolz  R Us),  they will travel south for an extended sabbatical   8)        

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I got into Delaware late Friday night (I had to run errands before leaving NY, the b-i-l had to work late before meeting my train, all is good) and betook myself to the tub.     Ah, the luxury of seeing my toes without the blood rushing to my head !   (My apartment has a stall shower  8)   One therapeutic scrub later, I was ready for sleep.

Saturday was spent with much nephew bonding--Mitch is learning more words spoken more clearly all the time, and apparently one of his favorite words is "Aunt Deedee!".     I added my signature to the road-cone-orange cast on his arm ("I climb-climb-climb and I fall down..."). He and his mother and I went to a local playground to try out the big scary tube slide.   He likes to dance along when there's music and / or dancing on TV and he pulls people into the family room to dance along with him.     Apparently I'm a popular dance partner.    
I decided it was time to take a hand in his corruption, so I introduced him to several selected Looney Tunes--under the eagle eyes of his parents, who were concerned about "exposing him to so much violence at such a suggestible age"   8S         He saw several dialogue-free cartoons starring some non-Sylvester cats, but he really liked Daffy Duck and Porky Pig.     
( He laughed the hardest at "Robin Hood Daffy"   8)    8)    8)

We had two home-cooked meals en famille, Saturday supper (I prepared cheesy cauliflower and sauteed broccoli to go with the salmon  [personal profile] shrinkyohead made)  and Sunday lunch    ( I prepared nothing, but [profile] windsingerbard made pesto to cover angel hair and shrimp, with a side dish of fiddlehead ferns with some truffle butter from Wegman's.     The ferns looked sort of like tight-curled leafy snails and they were delicious   8)    I had no idea until a few years ago,  that my family was different in that three or four of us otherwise-territorial females can cook in the same kitchen at roughly the same time and still sit down to dinner wanting to speak to each other   8)

Among other table topics, [profile] windsingerbard  introduced the rest of the family to cat macros, and [personal profile] shrinkyoheadgot to see a macro-captioned 'Net version of a Trek classic, renamed "We Has Tribbles And Also Troubles" (link here --  http://granades.com/2007/05/02/loltrek/  in case y'all haven't seen it. )         

I'd sent Mom a CD and DVD from Celtic Woman--she loves it, but ruefully informed me that Mitch has decided "The Girls" are "Mine and Gammaw's".       Lisa's taking her to a CW concert next month...without Mitch    8)


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