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Name one Supreme Court Decision besides Roe  v. Wade

Without resorting to Google:     Brown v.  Board of Education   (and if you have to look that one up, shame on you  8)

Google-fu reveals not a single, landmark decision for my topic of choice, but a series, one of which I selected because of the passage below:


The Colonies WERE founded as Christian Countries...May God Forgive Us... )
from the decision  Everson v. Board of Education, 1947
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Just sorting through some loosely-connected thoughts.

Which is all my long-winded way of saying I never had another nurse want my nursing job so much that s/he intentionally made it impossible for EITHER of us to work, just to force me to go away.

(Suggestions of other places where singers in search of audiences ought to go are welcome.       The open mikes I've visited have shown uneven promise...and purchase requirements.     I have been paid for my act by one of the toughest audiences in the country and now feel a curious reluctance to pay for the "privilege" of singing at venues...)
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 (Cross-posted from [profile] dark_christian, approximately)

I need to rest my fingers, and then I need to write some emails. 

EDIT NUMBER TWO:    I just learned that the proper name of this bill is H RES 888, as opposed to HR 888, which was a completely different House bill from earlier this year.     God forbid this should be simple   8P


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