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I did not make it to the fabulous Fall-ish Fiber Frolic at Friends Field Field Fouse House.    What I did do was clean house a little and brave the Manhattan crowds to check "Hundred Merry Tales" out of the NYPL again   (Sorry  [personal profile] shalmestere , QBPL's copy is reference-only   8).    I know it's got to be worth the effort of plowing through the pile of Generic Cuckolded Spouse Escapades and Poop Stories That Would Gag Howard Stern that I remember from my last reading.     Zall's collection adds four other books to the mix (Alphonse and Poggue, Tales and Quick Answers, Howleglass, and extracts from The Mirror of Mirth).     HMT itself contains the immortal  "Nuts and Mutton" story the Coribantes used to act out.   I think adding tales from jestbooks/chapbooks enhances the SCA performers' repertoire--these won't spellbind people for ten minutes at a stretch, but you need both short and long pieces depending on your audience and situation.
Further  updates as  the reading continues....

Took a walk down Fifth Avenue to check out shop windows and mechanical dolls)  at Lord & Taylor ("The Sight / Sound / Feel / Taste / Aromas / Spirit of Christmas" ) and Macy's  (Do they do "Miracle On 34th Street" every year?).   I was going to brave the midtown Borders for a book for my nephew, but the crowds on the street got more daunting by the minute.     Hustled back to Queens.

House / pet - sitting overnight.    (Note read in part:   "There's food in the fridge.   Please eat some of it..."    ::::eyes KFC bag::::    Oops...    Oh well, I had a bit of a craving for spicy/herby chicken...)    House is lovely.   Pets also lovely.
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Mostly at home -- waiting out some visceral discomfort.    Should be better by tomorrow.      Could not rally for St. Andrews/Investiture, but I'm going to 100 Minutes to sing at feast for Frau Baumhecker next week.    It's not like I'm isolating myself.

 I hadn't cracked open my copy of "Medieval Comic Tales" for a long time.       Paged through it this evening and found "Dom Hugh of Leicester".       According to the biblio notes,  "Dom Hugh", a tale about a lustful monk who gets "killed" multiple times is, along with my beloved "Arabian Nights" tale of the Sultan's jester-- this tale is common enough that it's classified in a book called "Types of the Folktale".
Type 1537.       

How romantic    8)

According to both the book and the Internet, there are several French fabliaux about multiple murders of one "victim".     According to an article kept on JSTOR (of which I can only access a sample without going back to the library computers), there are Hispanic versions.
Not "A" version -- VERSIONS.    Another site tell American folkloric versions of the tale.

And that's all without mentioning "Weekend at Bernie's".    

(BTW, "Nuts and Mutton" is Type 1791  8P
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This morning I finished a "Primer for Elizabethan Typos" decrypting guide, added the last three tales, then for my big finish, re-posted everything so that it reads in order as you scroll down the page (geocities prefab blog pages have lotsa limits   8).   

Link is  http://geocities.com/sndsfnny1273/blog/html 

Let's hear it for early-risen sleep deprivation     8)
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 I'm typing as fast as I can    8)


One of the fencers I spoke with yesterday is acquainted with some other Fools of Gotham legends (like fishing in a well to try and catch the moon?)  which this edition doesn't have.   (I asked him to tell me where he read that one if he can find it).       Yesterday I spoke with a heavy weapon marshal, a fencing marshal, an archery marshal and a medieval / Renaissance games aficionado and solicited agreements to run some event activities.

Once all 21 tales are typed into my computer so they'll be mineMineMINEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH    the geocities blog, I'll post a link to local email lists so more people get an idea for what we're trying to do.    
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 Or, my second Geocities blog entry    8)


(The tale about the eleven  Twelve Fishermen is going into my repertoire    8)

On Wednesday I also found a link to the Project Gutenberg copy of "Ship of Fools" (translated from Latin by Alexander Barclay).
(I think it's a student version -- there's a LOT of commentary before the work starts.)



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