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also Supporting Local Businesses(tm).

Saturday I went back to Phoenixville for a downtown Festival (Springtime In Paris--apparently the local foundry made some of the steel for the Eiffel Tower). Eight buskers took to the streets including Bag Lady (aka Wandering Gypsy) Theatre, a juggler and a balloon artiste from Coxcomb, some local puppeteers, a blues band, a fire poi-and-shenanigans duo, and an eighteen y/o Theatre major doing his first street gig selling roses, looking tres charmante wearing knickers, knee sox, a vaguely Victorian jacket and a pale gray top hat. Also yours truly, clinging to freshly learned Ren-era chansons 8)

The eight-hour festival sort of petered out during the fifth hour when a large number of attendees went home through some simultaneous instinct which remains a mystery to yours truly. I took a break to rehydrate and facilitate and went back out for another hour, but the crowds were mostly gone. (There were fewer people than there were for the December Firebird festival to begin with...) I decided to Support a Local Business and had a "gourmet pizza", loaded with white cheeses and green veggies, for dinner. "Lorraine" from BLT, who had booked me, invited me to meet up with her and friends at a second-floor used/rare bookstore ("There are 26 steps--a moment of silence for this tribute the the majesty of the alphabet"). The store had a lovely reading area overlooking the street with magazines. The books were sort of wasted on me (I'm a horrible shopping buddy--I "hunt down my prey" and Get The Hell Outta Dodge); I couldn't find anything since many books weren't alphabetically arranged.

After hot chocolate from Another Local Business, we made an early night to support "Lorraine"'s plans for Sunday--early rehearsal before SAFD Stage Combat Certification with "Dottie" and their teacher Mr. Tm. Along with my friends, I got to see a lot of other actors and students present fight scenarios in a variety of weapons forms. I left my friends when the "closed" portion of the event started and learned about the Philly subway (two lines, no waiting.) Bargain lunch in Chinatown ("four items, free soup, $5") and a short walk downtown to learn how far I was from Independence Hall on my own two feet. East of the Historic District was a large street festival with gi-normous speakers, recorded/DJ'd music, and a distressing lack of street entertainment 8) (Also a lot of cops, and it's a bad idea to Just Start Busking Uninvited or I'd have tried it) Just before catching my bus home I walked through Reading Terminal Market and found The Famous 4th Street Cookie Co.

I knew what had to be done. It had walnuts 8)


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