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Last night I hosted two fellow buskers (and fellow Coxcomb alums) from Philly who came to Brooklyn for a photo shoot.     It's always lovely when we get together because we all get "transported" to Pennsic   "chust a little bit".      

"Dottie" and "Lorraine" perform together as "Bag Lady / Wandering Gypsy Theatre"   (example at    http://www.sidetracked.biz/Site/Watch.html    )   in and around Philadelphia, in addition to group and solo acting gigs.      They have mostly quit their day jobs    8)        They've also booked me in Phoenixville a time or two or three...    They stayed overnight, which was a good thing since the shoot ran kind of late and meshed nicely with my getting off work late.    I saw them rehearse a work in progress, a story about cats.    Just before they started, Jamie came and sat down in front of them as if to say  "TEL STORREE PLZ?" -- it was adorable.        This morning after breakfast (out -- coffee shop has coffee, I don't)   we all went to the Central Park  entrance at Columbus Circle  early   (10 am IS early to a theater person) and busked until they had to meet their Megabus at Penn Station.    They were both really jazzed to be working in NYC.   I know exactly how they feel--I've never lost the thrill of driving/walking on this or that street for some routine activity and catching sight of the Empire State Building /  WTC / Statue of Liberty, or doing a show in Grand Central Station, the place where they shot that dancing scene from "The Fisher King"  (although if I were stupid enough to actually set up IN the hall where the ceiling mural is I'd be trampled by rampaging commuters  8).   

They did okay tip-wise, for working just over an hour.      I got a lot of smiles but not much money, which is how my above-ground experiences in NYC have gone in the past.      Both of them definitely want to come back and do this again, for a longer shift.    We talked about the one other busker-friendly site I know of, Washington Square Park of the maddening performer crowds.     After we said goodbye I relocated my (more passive) act into a subway station nearby for a while, then came home to treat a pounding headache.     (I might have worked longer had I remembered to bring food and take a bathroom break.    sigh.     I do really know better, honest   8)

After a nap and some dinner, I learned about the unexpected death of "Meet The Press" host Tim Russert.     My memory of him is mostly surprise that someone could have such a sincerely enthusiastic smile, so often, for the potentially soul-numbing experience of immersing oneself in politics and politicians.      Nice guy.     Too soon. 
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...who sell elevated airbeds for $38.

Not having to roll onto my knees to get to my feet next to the tent-pole before answering urgent calls of nature (I defy Cirque de Soleil acrobats to do THAT one gracefully--tent pole not good for hanging onto.   Tent pole busy holding up tent...)

Turning over without waking up   (Maybe)

Extra place to sit while dressing lower limbs.

Lower body workout completing manual inflation    8)


Air matresses eventually all leak.

Lower body workout during manual inflation AFTER eight-hour drive and tent erection.

No battery option -- must be plugged in to motor-inflate.    (Maybe the bath house has an outside outlet?)

"Comfort adjustment (and deflation) valve" can be forgotton in deflate position by tired driver until frustrated inflation causes undesirable cardiovascular effects   8)


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