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Original word list is here:


A few clues:

--The team behind one song has won an Emmy, but never won a Grammy for this song (which is part of a specialty-song collection)

--Five of the songs are from musicals, but not the musicals guessed so far.    Three of these musicals have been filmed.

--Three of the songs are novelty / comedy songs

--Twenty-five of these songs circulated between 1965 and 1985  (Musically, I officially became an Olde Pharte some time ago)

Remember, partial guesses for partial credit are permitted (I submitted a couple of guesses where I didn't know an entire phrase from the song or who recorded it)

Lastly, yes, I really do own copies of all of these songs   8)

Have fun.

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Jan. 25th, 2009 09:11 am
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I am stunned.  

Blow-by-blow details later.

I learned a hell of a lot yesterday.

Several people gave me suggestions and for-real assignments after I won  -- I'm gonna be busy  8)

It's official -- more people recognize / remember me than I remember back.      Compensatory mechanisms needed.    

If you're reading this,    (((((((((HUGZ!!!HUGZ!!!HUGZ!!!!)))))))))    Thank you all so much for support, good counsel, good jokes and good sense     8)

I'm lucky to be me.
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Off and on for the last few years, I've toyed with the idea of writing a one-woman show, but have not written a script because it would be easy to bog down in emo revelations which might be...potentially therapeutic but have limited entertainment value.)  

One theme which I think might work in some fashion,  is  the repeated experience of my mother sharing this or that recording which she periodically finds and which "gets her right here" in a way that compels her to share.      There have been lots over the years -- my parents owned no Beatles records when I was growing up, but thanks to Mom I knew who Miriam Makeba and Harry Belafonte were from when I was small   (Yes, I WAS... 8P  ).    Some of the songs I was exposed to back then have made their way into my busking act.    I have summed up my habitual reaction as "Oh, wow, Mom, thanks--that's really beautiful.  (beat)  Can I go back to sleep now?"  

This is a partial list, which I may expand as memory serves:

"Kilimandjaro", Miriam Makeba
"Banana Boat Song", Harry Belafonte   (there might be another song she liked more, but that record is long gone...)
"Kathy's Song", Paul Simon
"Healer of My Soul", John Michael Talbot
"Close To You", any version (she said my father used to sing it to her.    My dad could carry a tune in a bucket, if it was a sufficiently large bucket)
"Love's Theme", Love Unlimited Orchestra
"Too Near Heaven", a hymn she and her sister sang for their church
anything by Bill Gaither  (from the Fundie years...)
"Bright Heaven's Sun", Iona
"In the House of Stone and Light" by whoever that guy is...
"Suspicious Minds", Elvis (she loves the guitar riff at the end of the bridge...)
"Take Me Home, Country Roads" (Dad bought this paean to WV for my Appalachian mother   8)

After Dad died we were a bit more sheltered from godless modern culture, so my limited musical exposure was the stuff on PBS and soundtracks from Disney movies.     (we wore out four copies of the Roger Miller-narrated soundtrack from "Robin Hood"--I still get all choked up when I hear the Hampster Dance...)    Thank God for The Muppet Show.    Also, later, thank God for my radio.

In my adolescence, I was in love with Barry Manilow (before I realized that all the songs sounded alike--now I have a hard time listening to most of them).    Other stuff that "got me right here", then and later, were:

"At Seventeen", Janis Ian
"And I Love You So", Don McLean
"Daisy Jane", America
"Goodbye Girl", David Gates
"You Should Be Dancin' ", Bee Gees   (unashamed child of disco here...)
"Layla", Derek and the Dominoes

One thing I miss like hell is the "pre-Balkanized" state of popular radio I was able to enjoy during the mid and late '70's.    I LOVED hearing John Denver followed by Isaac Hayes followed by Elton John followed by Seals and Crofts followed by Cream followed by David Bowie followed by Wild Cherry followed by Kenny Rogers followed by...?  

Was it ever really that diverse, or did I just imagine that?

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I've finally found something trippier than Moog Cookbook    http://www.amazon.com/Moog-Cookbook/dp/B000003BL2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1215171163&sr=1-2.

Meet Baby Rock.       http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_dmusic?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=baby+rock&x=5&y=18

You know, cause when I think   "age-appropriate relaxation", I'm thinkin'    "Enter Sandman", "Highway to Hell" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday".      On vibraphone, glockenspiel and mellotron    8P    8P    8P

Unfortunately, the Zeppelin  "tribute" has no rendition of "The Immigrant Song"    8)
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

 [personal profile] shalmestere          gave me    "J".

"Jive Talkin' " by the Bee Gees
"Jazzman", Carole King
"Just the Two of Us"  , Bill Withers and Grover Washington, Jr.
"Junk Food Junkie" by Larry Groce
"J'ai vu le loup"  by The Baltimore Consort

Aaaaand, for extra credit:

"Jump, Jive and Wail", either Louis Prima or the Brian Setzer Orchestra
"Johnny Came Home Headless" by The Arrogant Worms on the album "DIRT!!"
             (Yes it is TOO a real song    8)
"Judy In Disguise" by  John Fred and his Playboy Band
"Joy"    (adapted from "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring")   by Apollo
"Jeopardy Theme (Think music)" composed by Merv Griffin



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 Dear F-listers,

Those of you with connections to SF fandom already know about filker Leslie Fish and may have heard her evocative song "Valhalla".    If you haven't....well, now there's an mp3 on her website:

There is a ten-second burst of music when you connect to the site.     It stops on its own.


"Valhalla" is on the album "Serious Steel".      (mp3 player is QuickTime)

I realize not everyone's dream of the SCA looks (or ever looked) like it does to the hero of the song, but...

Anyway, enjoy.
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Well, actually not Green Stamps -- Pepsistuff Points. I drink no coffee or tea, so I allow myself a ration of Pepsi One per day. It adds up. Five collected points are redeemable for mp3 single downloads on Amazon.

Over the last five months, I've collected:

Two contemplative acoustic works by John Michael Talbot
"The Unforgiven" by Metallica
"Spanish Caravan" by The Doors
aaaaand "For Pete's Sake" by The Monkees.

I've also purchased "Remind Me" (aka The Geico Airport Caveman song) by Royksopp. Because...someone had to 8)

The downloads are frankly easier, with a MUCH bigger selection, than iTunes. Also, I don't think they're "protected" like the ones I no longer buy from iTunes. 

I love the concept of buying the single song I'd actually listen to, rather than having to buy a whole CD.       Once upon a time I had stacks of cassette tapes who entered my home for just that reason, and I no longer have the room nor am I willing to waste the coin doing that any more.

After all, I have to buy dress fabric, sooner or later.

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If this meme is old news for you...I hope you liked it the first time    8)

From my iTunes, shuffled:

"Sponges", The Arrogant Worms
"The Cup of Life", Ricky Martin
"The Black Pearl", Klaus Badelt   ("PotC" soundtrack)
"Calliope House/The Cowboy Song", Alasdair Fraser and Paul Machlis
"Stranger On The Shore", Mr. Acher Bilk

(Between #'s 10 and 20 on the playlist were also Petula Clark, Roger Miller and The Baltimore Consort, in the interest of completeness.      I have a lot of stuff by those three artists   8)

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 No details at present.      I've been an also-ran so often the last couple years, I'm almost afraid to get my hopes up.

I am soliciting opinions as to what song to use -- the rules stipulate it must be a well-known song, not an original creation.
The question for me is do I present myself as a comedy/novelty act or as a straight singer?      In my mind,    I've always seen myself as a comic, since there was a long time when I couldn't sing and a time when I didn't realize I could sing, but I've always known I can make people laugh.       In the past, pros I've asked invariably point me towards the songs I'm most comfortable performing, which means stuff from the street show, stuff from the CD.   I have no idea whether those songs are considered "well-known" enough.

My short list:

Kathy's Song   (Paul Simon)

The Thing   (sung by Phil Harris, written by Charles C. Grean)

You're My Home   (early Billy Joel album cut which has gotten some radio play but is not among his best-known works)

The Marvelous Toy (Tom Paxton)

This Is My Song    (Petula Clark, written by Charlie Chaplin)

The Rose   (Bette Midler)

I Got It From Agnes   (Tom Lehrer)   (I think he's still alive-- if he finds out someone turned his unsavory work into a G-rated comedy    sketch he might not like it...)

[personal profile] shrinkyohead has voted   "novelty song" because...there will be many many more straight singers than comic singers.    (Okay, what was actually said sounded like   "You can't compete with people who've been singing their whole lives..." )    There is something to be said for doing two things with one song if I can.

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 Gotta love spending the whole day jamming with other musicians from all over    8)       8)
Many many thanks to [personal profile] woodwindy  for the invite!

I understand how this event might not be for everyone;  There was a lot of post-period music jamming.     There were a lot of post-period dances.     According to my dance maven friends,  some post-period dances are always presented there as The  Easier, More Fun Alternative.     sigh. 

That said, there were up to thirty enthusiastic dancers (led by two masters) on the floor at one point, I think.      Dinner and dessert were abundant, varied (the vegetarians were VERY happy) and delicious -- especially the boiled cream  with spices and the marzipan subtlety   (this was the first marzipan I've ever eaten that wasn't cloyingly sweet and overwhelming with almond extract.     I had seconds   8).   

Afternoon before dinner and evening after dinner I was on a stage surrounded by new (to me) music and instrument toys (including a "professional-level" tambourine...just like Linda McCartney's, I guess  8) ...it WAS a lot of fun to play since it was designed to respond to even very slight hand movements)    The Blondel was examined a little and played by several of us, and I borrowed a bodhran when my frame drum went "flump" due to moisture absorption   8(

The shire made a lovely presentation to the Branslers, of embroidered (and scotch-garded) table linens, with the theme of animals playing instruments.    It all came in a beautifully decorated wooden chest -- I heard someone say it was "like a gift for a king", which made me realize how much I approve of bestowing such gifts on any gentle(s) one deems worthy, not just the ones who are the Focus Of Everyone's Attention (tm).      

It was nice   8)
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Song list for Birka -- Check.      (Packing list pending.      Checking in with  [personal profile] woodwindy  also pending   8).
Song source, published 1607,  vetted for Kingdom Bardic ("documentable before 1605") -- Check.
Application sent for "America's Got Talent" -- Check.    (I may or may not hear back.)
CD ready to send to Music Under New York -- Check.    (Need printout of application first.    Someday, My Prints Will Come...)

Still to do:

Update list of local open mikes, including Queens and Long Island (and sometimes Jersey).
Solicit opinions as to which song best conveys "my unique act" for AGT audition (assuming I get one).
Color hair.    Trim bangs and crispy ends.   
Laundry.     (My window of non-crowded opportunity opens tomorrow morning)

I've never felt less "ready" in my life, but I'm not gonna feel "ready" until I'm in mid-song at some point in the next few days.
On with the mind-numbing repetition  -- er, discipline of rehearsal    8)
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...was lovely, she said, taking a break from looking up web-copies of Colonial documents relating to religious freedom (last website mentioned in passing that at one time, nine of the thirteen colonies had officially-endorsed state religions...um, oops...).

While I had very much enjoyed driving up to the event via the (new to me) Merritt Parkway  (lots of trees, rolling hills, light traffic, no visible heavy industry) ,  I didn't relish trying to find my way back to it through unfamiliar territory in the dark, so I stuck to the Interstates til I got back to the 3rd Avenue Bridge in Manhattan.

Time well spent    8)

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 When I realized this week that I could make it to Twelfth Night,  I saw the Aragon/Spanish theme in the event announcement.     While the repeated (albeit historically-accurate)  mention of  "celebrating having made Spain a Christian nation" made me a little queasy,  I also realized this might be a good opportunity to trot out the Spanish songs I'd collected....Oh...wait...

Fortunately,   [personal profile] shalmestere  pointed me towards the Choral Public Domain Library http://www.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page  several years ago, and they had the songs, the tunes of which I knew by heart but not so much on the words.

I now have several copies of:

Ay Triste Que Vengo
Calabaza No Se Buen Amor
Hoy Comamos Y Bebamos 
Mas Vale Trocar
Pase El Agoa
So Ell Enzina  (For which I wrote English lyrics)
Una Sanosa Porfia (Which inspired/supplied the original melody for another song  8)

If anyone is going to be at Twelfth Night, I have copies to share.
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 Saturday was a long, happy blur.

I got to Bhakail Yule later than I wanted but I was in time to say hi to   [personal profile] woodwindy   (Mina is Level 10 Lawful (?) Adorable!)  and     [profile] siobhan1214     and     [personal profile] zaduzbina.       We even had time,  before and after a quick trip to the proteinaceous dayboard, to work in a few songs and I met a new lady who plays recorder and sings.      [personal profile] loosecanon  had a smile and a generous offer re: the car situation.      I have the most awesome friends evah.

Too soon, I had to leave for the Phoenixville Firebird Festival and Busking In Teh Great Outdoors.    I learned that my motley coat fits over top of my down jacket, which made the two-and-a-half hours possible.       I set up outside a well-lit,  "green" store called Earth Mart.    My store liaison was a local artist who was doing children's activities    (looked like cookie-making or Play-doh).      They brought me cups of hot tea once an hour.        They had steady streams of customers/lookers which was great for me.     The Bag Ladies / Wandering Gypsies worked their tag-team comedy, along with several other young Pennsic denizens, most of whom were juggling / manipulating fire, torches, fire-poi spinning, to keep with the Burning Bird theme.   I sang most of the funny songs I do in the subway, with some "churchy" Christmas carols (I can't remember all the words / chords to "Frosty" and "Rudolph"....pathetic, I know.     People seemed to like "Greensleeves" and "Silent Night", and some of them sang along, which I love when there's no alcohol involved    8)

The deal is that the festival starts at 4 pm with a bunch of craftsmen / merchants in the area near the bird, which, unfortunately is un-lit.      Earth Mart was up the street but along the route most people took to get to the bird.       There's a parade of puppeteers and drummers about an hour before the bird goes up, some fire-manipulation, then they light the bird.     They had a portable outdoor stage and a few acts working there which I didn't see due to working    8)      After the parade went by, it was time to go down to the bird, put away the guitar and the hat, sit on my chair and spectate.     

Later, the Bag Ladies took me to a party at   "Lorraine's" house where I met a large crowd of high-school and college-age kids, had some delicious pizza, and learned "The Austrian Paper Game" which involves alternating sentences and pictures on papers which get passed around a circle and added to.        I can't wait to play it again -- all I need is six more people...

I was scared by the thin coat of ice on my car when I went to load up  ("Dottie" had offered me crash space at her house twenty minutes away), so I decided to trek home late and crash at home.      The drive (on the Schulkyll, then to 295/turnpike) was mostly rainy, only slushy when I got near Staten Island.

Yesterday I slept and worked up a shopping list for some desserts I want to make for this Friday.       Watch this space for the newly-tested recipe for "Mendoza Cake"!
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A live performance of their song "Carrot Juice Is Murder" by The Arrogant Worms.      It sounds as if their current lead singer does it in the same key I do   8) 

Youtube also has a "studio video" where the Worms are easier to see.
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Gakked from [personal profile] shalmestere:

(bending the rules using the iTunes shuffle on my computer in lieu of  iPod  8)  


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