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The speed at which my hair grows out /  fades out dictates re-coloring every seven weeks or so.     Lately the shade I've used for years ("Reddish Blonde") has been fading out blonder and blonder.      This tends to look **TOO** washed out for at least the last two weeks before I re-color.     (Possibly a side effect of multiple colorings on long hair).    I've tried  "Light Auburn" with nearly-acceptable results, but "Preference" does not smell as nice afterwards as "Excellence",  the variety to which I'm loyal.   I haven't seen "Light Auburn" or even "Auburn" in that variety.      What they did have was "Light Reddish Brown", which looked on the box to be only a shade darker than what I used last time.    Woke up early before work yesterday and gave it a go.

When I was finished....well....

My sister   [profile] windsingerbard  looks great in the color my hair resembled, but...."Um...Waiter, this isn't what I ordered..."     

It will get lighter as the first week goes on--it always does.     Hopefully it will start lightening up after the first shampoo which I did this morning.     Seven or eight weeks from now I will sheepishly return to the Auburn family no matter what brand I have to use.    I started this odyssey to better flesh out my "inner redhead"  for longer periods of time -- I haven't been a brunette onstage for at least ten years and red goes better with my comedy act.    

I am, however, grateful to still HAVE hair and not be dealing with Tonks-like hues     8)


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