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There was a degree to which I seemed to be living a charmed life last week.    

Saturday Wanderings )
Sunday Runnings )
I will continue later as I have become tired all over again just typing this.
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 :::::::::sticking head out of kitchen::::::::::

Any of you ever made chimichurri sauce?    http://www.globalgourmet.com/destinations/argentina/sauce.html

How long does it keep when refrigerated?
Is it freezeable?

This is all Rachel Ray's fault:  http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/food/recipes/tango-joes/    I probably won't make sloppy joes anytime soon (hateHateHATE...) but the green sauce looks like something I can eat...and a wonderful way to use up the parsley I buy before it dies a  pale, limp death in my decomposer refrigerator   8)
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I haven't posted much the last ten days because in between working a full schedule (plus extra over the weekend), I was:

Today I vegetated.     Also cooked some low-carb pancakes courtesy of George Stella.    Then I worked out a little.

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 Freyliche Channukah, for everyone who's celebrating.

Last night before I left work (I'm pleased to cook for my patient, the family's pleased to feed me), I cooked traditional latkes after pulverizing the potatoes and onions through my patient's VERY OLD electric meat grinder.    the little bits came out nubblier than a food processor would have made them, but the consistency for latkes was just right.   (I wonder if zucchini or turnips would come out the same way...)  They were accompanied by the traditional homemade chicken tenders and french fries ("tradition" becoming a relative word at this point).     

The family was also celebrating the birth of the latest grandchild.    (Mazel Tov!)     There was a house full of kids of all sizes and descriptions, lights, music, and mass consumption of potato products and gelt.     I could almost forget the Demon Screaming Parrot for a while   8)
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    When I got home I realized I'd left the TJ frozen black raspberries at my sister's.

This should be the worst thing I have to worry about for a while    8)

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Yesterday I finally made it to the Union Square Greenmarket.      It was hot and crowded  (I was outfitted for a show, maybe it wasn't all that hot and crowded...)     I missed the strawberries, but to my joy, black raspberries were everywhere.     One of the things I miss about the house I grew up in is the multiple patches of black raspberries.      I pounced.     Another booth had the miniature new potatoes [personal profile] shalmestere  talked about last month.    I just made it home in time to meet Mr. and Mrs. [profile] greenman73 for transport to their Love Nest Among The Eateries.    I packed masks and my good outdoor chair and sheet music for the Sunday demo. They made some very healthy meat sauce over veggies  for dinner  (I asked not to eat grains and they were very kind).      There was lots of music (including a 2000 Harpers' Retreat CD)  and I introduced them to cat macros, the favorites of which were    http://porchtalk.com/upload/files/12/proof.jpg   and http://a2.vox.com/6a00c2251d84868fdb00cdf3aad91acb8f-500pi  .

Demo report in separate post. 
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I got into Delaware late Friday night (I had to run errands before leaving NY, the b-i-l had to work late before meeting my train, all is good) and betook myself to the tub.     Ah, the luxury of seeing my toes without the blood rushing to my head !   (My apartment has a stall shower  8)   One therapeutic scrub later, I was ready for sleep.

Saturday was spent with much nephew bonding--Mitch is learning more words spoken more clearly all the time, and apparently one of his favorite words is "Aunt Deedee!".     I added my signature to the road-cone-orange cast on his arm ("I climb-climb-climb and I fall down..."). He and his mother and I went to a local playground to try out the big scary tube slide.   He likes to dance along when there's music and / or dancing on TV and he pulls people into the family room to dance along with him.     Apparently I'm a popular dance partner.    
I decided it was time to take a hand in his corruption, so I introduced him to several selected Looney Tunes--under the eagle eyes of his parents, who were concerned about "exposing him to so much violence at such a suggestible age"   8S         He saw several dialogue-free cartoons starring some non-Sylvester cats, but he really liked Daffy Duck and Porky Pig.     
( He laughed the hardest at "Robin Hood Daffy"   8)    8)    8)

We had two home-cooked meals en famille, Saturday supper (I prepared cheesy cauliflower and sauteed broccoli to go with the salmon  [personal profile] shrinkyohead made)  and Sunday lunch    ( I prepared nothing, but [profile] windsingerbard made pesto to cover angel hair and shrimp, with a side dish of fiddlehead ferns with some truffle butter from Wegman's.     The ferns looked sort of like tight-curled leafy snails and they were delicious   8)    I had no idea until a few years ago,  that my family was different in that three or four of us otherwise-territorial females can cook in the same kitchen at roughly the same time and still sit down to dinner wanting to speak to each other   8)

Among other table topics, [profile] windsingerbard  introduced the rest of the family to cat macros, and [personal profile] shrinkyoheadgot to see a macro-captioned 'Net version of a Trek classic, renamed "We Has Tribbles And Also Troubles" (link here --  http://granades.com/2007/05/02/loltrek/  in case y'all haven't seen it. )         

I'd sent Mom a CD and DVD from Celtic Woman--she loves it, but ruefully informed me that Mitch has decided "The Girls" are "Mine and Gammaw's".       Lisa's taking her to a CW concert next month...without Mitch    8)
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I spent most of the early part of the day being sick 'n' mizerable (URI).     Also saved up my strength to meet [personal profile] shrinkyoheadin Manhattan.     They were here with some friends who took my sister to see Madame Butterfly at NY Opera for her *mumblemumble*th birthday.      (I missed the opera.    I lack a proper appreciation for operatic singing, so all is well  8)    We met at Lincoln Center and walked to Restaurant Row for dinner.   She told me she cried quite a lot and preferred the performance of the serving-maid to that of the leading lady.   

Meson Sevilla  (Spanish with a smattering of Italian) came highly recommended, and Sis happily said it reminded her of their visit to Spain as five of us dived into a table-full of various tapas washed down with green (!) sangria ("in honor of St. Patrick's day", we were told  8/      It turned our mouths green).   Some of them raved about the mussels, and we all loved the calamari (including my b-i-l, who usually doesn't eat seafood, and me--I had never, before tonight, eaten calamari that did NOT resemble pencil erasers  8).    The crab-stuffed mushrooms were a little underdone for my taste, but otherwise delicious.    The chorizo cooked with wine and onions tasted much better than the plain kind--it's a little dry.    The spicy potatoes were tasty and garlicky.    I can no longer remember the names of the delicious desserts we all shared.

This was my first experience with tapas, and I loved the concept of buying a dozen different plates to pass around family-style.     Also, now I know of one kind of new restaurant to look for next time they all come to visit.    They were REALLY pleased.   My b-i-l was all but bouncing in his seat before we ordered, saying "Tapas!Tapas!Tapas!"   

Must sleep now.
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Payday comes but once every fourteen days, and on that day I eat out.    Today I treated my Inner Anglophile.

The day started, dressed for the rain (complete with a London Fog coat and a bumbershoot) trekking to Brooklyn for da paycheck.     The gray sky and chilly rain were what a Brit friend often described as "typical English weather".     (He wasn't mine, but he was my friend and he looked and sounded divine.     The one sketch I've drawn which I'm proud enough to display (on my bathroom wall...well, there was already a nail there...) is based on a photo of him.)    

Late lunch (a fried sole fillet) was obtained from a Village chip shop called A Salt and Batterie.    They do not use actual newsprint to blot the oil, but the battered taste is completely perfect.    (They sell all manner of dreadfully unhealthy fried matter, including Mars Bars)     I'd planned to have a "cream tea" for dessert at Tea and Sympathy, a tea shop two doors away owned (I think) by the same people as the chip shop and predating it.     The clotted cream I've had there is surrounded by roses in my memory and it's been more than a few years since I've tasted it.    The shop was packed.     It appears to be so habitually packed that the tiny shop's owners have had to post several rules including "$9.50 minimum purchase per person".      

So I'm on the crosstown bus trying to remember which block of 14th Street contains a Garden of Eden (It's off 5th Ave.).      I'm willing to bet they have scones and berries.     I have tea.     If I have to forgo clotted cream for creme fraiche or something, I'll deal.    Got the scones, got berries, hit dairy case...creme fraiche...glance to the right...what's this other stuff?     


I didn't know they sold clotted cream in jars  8)    8)   8)

Later, after the triglyceride haze wore off, I made myself a nice plate of veggies.      So it all balances out, right?

I couldn't decide whether I wanted to hear "Blackadder II"'s real English accents or  "Merlin"'s mix of real and fake (Sam Neill's from NZ but Miranda Richardson...isn't  8).     I finally popped in "Pirates of the Caribbean:CotBP", settling on Mostly Fake (I have no idea where Orlando Bloom is from, but Geoffrey Rush is an Aussie).

I should be good for another 10,000 miles   8)
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For the first time since I started Atkins over two years ago, I made chili.      I've been avoiding most beans all that time because of the carb level, but last year I discovered edamame (soy beans in the pod), and that I liked them.      When shelled, they resemble more vividly-green lima beans but taste less mushy/pasty.    Last week I found frozen edamame in the kosher market ("Dr. Praeger's" brand).   The price was more than I like to pay for beans, but since I wanted to try the chili with a bean I already liked, I gritted my teeth and paid for them.    

The chili looks a bit odd with green beans instead of red or black ones, but it tastes like chili, and the beans only have 4 "net" carbs per serving.   (I think the tomatoes have about five and the seasoning mix adds one or two).
Next step is to look for canned soybeans and see if the carb count remains low.


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