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[Error: unknown template qotd]Most of the names on that list didn't affect me much.       The one that did hit home for me was someone not well known outside of stand-up comedy circles -- Richard Jeni's suicide followed by revelations of a mental illness which never made its way into his act.     Almost every eulogy mentioned Jeni's strong work ethic and his tireless refinement of his comedy.      Almost none of them mentioned seeing any signs of unhappiness or any of the other behavioral symptoms which mark that kind of disease.    

Jeni, on Teh Stupid Drunk Who Picks A Fight With A Cop:

This guy is SO far gone he's antagonizing a man who obviously has  A GUN.    AND A STICK.     AND A RADIO to call for MORE guys with guns and sticks.      And what does the guy always say?

Drunk:      Oh, you think you're so tough, cause you got a BADGE.     TAKE THE #%&%ING BADGE OFF.

Cop: (Shrugs)   I still have a gun and a stick!
On Teh Drunken Redneck Who Picks A Fight With A Drunken Jeni:

Redneck:     Well, I guess I'm just some country  @$$hole to you...

Jeni:    Naw, I wouldn't pin you down to a location--YOU'D BE AN @$$HOLE ANYWHERE!     (pause)      I don't remember anything that happened after that...
As Jacques Cousteau:

Tune in next time when my son will be wrapped in Canadian bacon and nailed to the bottom of the boat, as we attempt to locate the Great White Shark...   (cue National Geographic Special theme song...)

I miss you, Platypus Man...


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