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 I realized after I went home from my lovely outing with darklilli that I hadn't yet called the Jury Doody hotline for the night (only two more "standby" nights to go, only two...), so I dailed the number and the bottom fell out of my week.
Fortunately for me, the common room has working computers.     (HI  ::::wave:::: ) If I'm not seated, I have to work tomorrow instead of picking up my paycheck    8P

This morning I went up with a panel.    The judge was very nice.     I saw a tall, middle-aged court clerk (I think) of a...round-faced, moussed-haired appearence and did not immediately realize he was a clerk.    I turned to a fellow juror and whispered,   "My God, it's Denny Crane."    

Sometimes I love being eeeeeeeevil funny   8)

The judge stated that the case might take between 2  1/2  and 4 weeks.    (Sometimes  I   hate  trial  lawyers.    These guys were getting paid by the hour while those of us who were summoned for their convenience were potentially losing wages, livelihoods, etc.  )

When he asked if that presented a problem for anyone,   90% of the room raised their hands.     Being a nurse whose agency could not replace me for four weeks got me off the hook once.      However, I had to come back to the common room in case they needed more jurors later in the day.

More updates later     8P
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 I just jumped away from my computer screaming.

I feel violated.

::::::::goes to check out Mozilla / Firefox with AdBlock::::::::

:::::::::ponders killing the hotmail account::::::::::;

::::::::::::puts on big stompy shoes just in case:::::::::::::
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I am not at Buskerfest.       I did not get paid (again).     (This time, the payroll computer died and NOBODY got paid.     I don't care WHAT Misery loves, I HATE this F$!%*&#!! company.)      
There was an unforeseen problem that prevented me from getting my rental car, which I could not fix because I Did Not Get Paid.     
I schlepped a giant suitcase full of performing and camping equipment on and off of buses and trains (and waiting areas) for fourteen hours with nothing to show for it.      I prepaid for camping space and they don't do refunds.
Someday after performing IS my day job, I may write a memoir and include this day's events on a list of  "insurmountable odds" I had to overcome, or something.     

Sunday is supposed to be warmer / sunny.      Busking in Washington Square might be nice.     At least the people who put money in my hat don't need a computer to pay me for my hard work.  


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