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Jul. 26th, 2017 06:39 am
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I read in the newspaper that one of the high-tech entrepreneurs (like Elon Musk) was planning a humanned mission to Callisto, within four years. I thought this was quite ambitious, and wondered why specifically Callisto and what possible business model they had in mind to make the project pay for itself. A subsequent newspaper article indicated significant competition among high-tech entrepreneurs to get to Callisto first. Yet another newspaper article informed me that they had actually gotten there, with a four-person crew, and found native life that looked remarkably like humans, right down to the clothing.

How Republicans See Legislating

Jul. 26th, 2017 06:13 am
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This clip illustrates the biggest problem in how some folks see their job in Congress. This is Greg Walden, Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, announcing he will have a hearing on "rules of the road for the Internet," i.e., the net neutrality legislation they want to pass so they can stop worrying about it.

Who does he invite? The CEOs of the biggest tech companies and the CEOs of the biggest ISPs. Why? Because for Walden, thats who matters. It's about brokering an industry compromise. Because it can't possibly be that there is an issue that doesn't involve mediating between giant companies.

But don't take my word for it. Play the clip.

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Jul. 21st, 2017 10:59 pm
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I was grocery shopping with somebody -- either [profile] marchforth2 or [personal profile] shalmestere. The grocery store had recently renovated, changing what had been the in-and-out door to out-only and adding a separate in door that also provided a convenient default configuration file for those who came in that way. We got everything we needed, paid at the checkout counter, and headed for the car. I looked at the receipt to make sure we'd been charged for the right things, and there were things on the receipt that I didn't see in the grocery bag. So while my companion went to the car, I went back into the store to get the missing items. I had some difficulty matching up the receipt with the stuff in the shopping bag, but eventually concluded that we DID have the right number of boxes of tomato puree, and were just short a package of olives (and for some reason we had a bag of olives which was already open). Then I noticed some really bizarre things on the receipt, for which we didn't seem to have actually been charged: tens of thousands of photographs, "2 AFRICAN SLAVES" itemized at $100,000 but not actually affecting the total, etc. I concluded that the programmers had decided to throw in some random stuff to see whether anybody was actually reading their receipts, but I thought the bit about African slaves was in poor taste and would probably get them sued.
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"A Communications Oligopoly on Steroids: Why Antitrust Enforcement and Regulatory Oversight in Digital Communications Matters" is a fun and exciting romp through our current messed up market and why we need to care about this.

Perfect summer reading for your inner wonk. 
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Were Republicans as stupid about repealing the ACA as i thought they were all the way back in November? Yes, yes they were.

I predicted as far back as November that repeal would be far too disruptive for the Republicans to accomplish. What people inside and outside DC failed to understand was the disconnect between inside DC and outside DC. Inside DC, the assumption was that repeal of the ACA was merely politics. Outside DC, the assumption was that return to the status quo ante 2010 was impossible. Why? Because the entire industry, as I keep pointing out, had reoriented itself around the ACA. 

Meanwhile, Republicans still think this is about politics. Sure, to some degree it is. But if you screw things up too much then it becomes a political disaster for your side. 


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