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Your gap-toothed smile
And small hands on my shoulders
Betoken your joy;
Happy to see "Be vewwy
Quiet--we're hunting Elmers!"
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Feeling spent, I splurged
On a "Coach" ticket.
With blinding speed, the
Civilized train carried me
Into my family's arms.

Amtrak really is THE way to go down that "northeast corridor", but it's an expensive way to go.  

My mother and sister had assembled the impressive dinner gradually over the hours of the day, so it was lower-stress  (Yay  8). 

There was moist turkey and crispy stuffing from muffin cups and cheesy cauliflower and homemade cranberry relish.

There has been hugging and energetic talking and minimal drama  (YAY!!).   We're all okay with none of us being perfect  (YAY!!!).

Plans for future gatherings and holiday suprises have begun to percolate.

I think the turkey coma is about to--::::flump::::
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The "Dragonlady"
Has gone between for all time,
Pern bequeathed to all;
Luckily, when she left us
No creature needed follow.
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This is too much rain
For my heart to rise above;
Why must every storm
Now be a "record-breaker"?
My soul is soaked already   8P
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Healthy vegetables
Baked with egg, some meat and cheese
For a week of breakfasts
Confirms, instead, that I do
NOT like the taste of parsnips...

Somehow in the casserole I concocted, the bitterness of the parsnips I bought came uppermost.     "Bitterness" isn't quite the right word.     They taste HOT, the way radishes are hot, in a way that has kept radishes out of kitchen for decades.    Fortunately the parsnips weren't the main ingredient, hardly the only ingredient, so I should be able to eat around them when I reheat leftovers...

This is partly to remind me not to buy parsnips in the future or feel guilty about not using up the ones I've bought in the past.    
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The sweets have names like
"Chocolate Doom",  "The OMG";
Tis chocolate, not beer,
That is "proof that God loves us
And wants us to be happy".

Expect to see this heavily edited in the morning    8)


I did not see any of the cooking / tasting demonstrations up close this year, although the ones I've seen in the past have always been worthwhile.       The crowd when I attended was...impressive   8P

Some of my favorite forms of chocolate on offer this year were:

http://www.jers.com/  I saw Jer's Gourmet Chocolates from California for the third year in a row, specializing in chocolate / peanut butter configurations, alone and mixed with things like toffee, pretzels and caramel.  The Incredibars are.

http://www.payard.com/  Glad to see Payard NYC had their flourless dark chocolate walnut cookies again;  I can't always get in to the Plaza Hotel when a craving hits (probably a good self-limitation, as they're not cheap...).

http://www.fretzels.com/   Fretzels is a small company under the umbrella of 5th Avenue Chocolate with hand-dipped pretzels of various flavors (I bought the Eggnog;   Flavor of the Month is Pumpkin Spice).    

http://www.liddabitsweets.com/    Liddabit from Brooklyn has no store but supplies candies to a number of upscale cheese, coffee and gourmet food shops.      I was taken by the name "Chocolate Doom" which they were selling at the show but not supplying online since they normally make it February to May.

http://fikanyc.com/      Fika Choklad brought back their limited-edition theme chocolates from the last two years, the Four Elements  (fleur de sal caramel for Water, chilies for Fire, like that)  and The Seven Deadly Sins  (The Envy chocolates looked like bright green stones, they gave you double the amount of Gluttony chocolates, like that   8).     Unfortunately, they were only selling them as boxes of 12 (Elements) and 24 (Deadlies) for $30 and $60.     :::::::pats chocolatier on the head:::::::    Good luck with that...  (I might have snapped up a single set of Deadlies even at $20 a pop, but not three sets)

http://saltoftheearthbakery.com/    Salt of the Earth marries their baked goods with different varieties of salt and then sells them through selected other shops (like Garden of Eden 14th Street).    They were giving samples of a salted chocolate chip cookie which I liked a lot, and selling a caramel brownie with one kind of salt in the caramel and another on top,  which they call  "The O.M.G."   

http://www.lagazelledor-patisserie.com/  There was a French company there selling Moroccan confections which I was never able to get close to long enough to ask questions, and the offerings had no labels.  Also, the website's not loading on this computer and presumably would be all in French if it did load.   I wanted to know more about the things that looked like pot stickers   8)  

Several vendors like No Chewing Allowed (with their silky truffles), NibMor (with their vegan chocolate), Ronnie-Sue's (home of the Pig Candy) and Pure Dark were back as well, which in this economy I'm always glad to see.    Chocolate Gecko (home of the Tropical Tree Frogs) is still operating according to their website, but hasn't exhibited the past two years   8(

The Chocolate Fashion Show theme this year was "Chocolate On Broadway" with dresses inspired by "Mame", "Wicked", "Follies", "The Lion King", "Chinglish" and "The Addams Family".     Pics after breakfast.
Walked to the south of Union Square to meet [livejournal.com profile] la_peregrina for an early showing of "Puss In Boots" (totally NOT the original fairy tale).    I fancy that Antonio Banderas has a fondness for his cute / fuzzy Zorro-like character ("The Geenger Hit Man") similar to what Johnny Depp feels for Captain Jack Sparrow.     The story's a bit thin, but the actors plunge in con mucho gusto and it's both fun and funny.   The music has a good beat and it's fun to dance to.     A confectionary cinematic end to a confectionary day.



Nov. 11th, 2011 12:32 pm
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"Oh, look!   Magic time!"
That's how my friend used to greet
Eleven minutes
After eleven o'clock.
Magic moments, magic day   8)


Final song list for Musicians' Day Cancionero class:

1)  Ollademe, Gentil Dona    (Had to go visit "Monumentos de la Musica Espanola" for this one)
2)  Mas Vale Trocar

3)  Al Alva Venid, Buen Amigo


4)  Antonilla es Desposada   (purloined from "Monumentos")

5)  Dindirindin  (This sheet music has all the words in the staves, which helps to show syllable distribution for elliding)


6)  La Bella Malmaridada    (in "Monumentos")

7)  Tres Morillas   

To-Do list includes  cooking up some of the produce in my fridge,   returning CD's to NYPL, maybe hitting the Chocolate Show, maybe hitting "Puss In Boots" before it leaves the theaters, and trekking to CIty Island for Commons.      

Bookmarkings of Body-Positive pages:

Regan Chastain's "Dances With Fat" blog

Leonard Nimoy's "Full Body Project",  photographs of "Fat-Bottom Revue" burlesque dancers in homage to other paintings and photos (Like "Nude Descending A Staircase" or Herb Ritts'  photo of a cluster of supermodels), has given me a new reason to love the guy.    Elsewhere on the gallery website is a link to Stephen Colbert's hilarious interview from 2007.     I regret that it's taken me this long to find these photos.


Today or tomorrow, will check out Kevin Smith's "Too Fat For 40" video on Netflix.      The title sprang from last year's Southwest Airlines incident.     I may also check out "Red State".


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Letting myself eat,
I'm honoring my body's needs
And mood swings are...less 8)
Fiber is my new best friend;
I live SUCH a madcap life 8P

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This is just to say
I can't write tanka tonight.
My brain is crispy
I hope you will understand...
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My iPod's possessed;
With seventeen hundred songs
At its dscretion,
The shuffle repeatedly
Serves up the "worst" three dozen  8P
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Moving my fingers
In a cat's cradle pattern,
I fabricated
A cord of many colors,
Stunned by my dexterity.

More about Schola in the morning   8)
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In the brisk, cool sun
Everyman's wagon trundles
Beside blue water.
My heart lifts, rejoicing that
My city has an ocean.
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Little laughing boy,
Entertained by funny sounds
And  a puppet-hand.
Grandchildren in my workplace
Enchant their Bubby and me  8)

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Rapid-moving line
At my busy Post Office,
Birthday present found.
We cannot all be Luddites;
The paper world's not yet dead  8)
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Calm after the storm;
Snow and wind have receded,
Too little, too late.
I've got out my winter coat;
Fall's officially over  8P
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I play guitar.     Usually I keep playing until the song's over   8)
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I will be relieved to be at Camp Morty Sunday morning, free of access to TV coverage,  enjoying ''the comfort of living friends".       

Oral history is one thing.      Mourning and commemoration are right and proper things to do.    THe unrelenting snail-march of parasitic infotainment fodder which I had to turn off two hours ago is none of these.       At the risk of repeating myself, let me repeat someone else:

"The depths of the Queen's sorrow remain impenetrable.   She has now restricted herself to a regime of such ferocious introspection that we are all at our wit's end.   The household continues, at her instruction, to observe the rituals now so familiar to her, in a vain attempt to render vivid that which can never be revived..."                                                                  ----Sir Henry Ponsonby

"There's grieving, then there's doing something because there's no one to tell you not to..."       
                                                                                                                  ---Archie Brown

                                                                                                                   From "(Her Majesty) Mrs.  Brown" 
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LJ just ate my carefully crafted, lovingly self-commented master Pennsic list.      It's a good thing breakfast is ready, maybe afterwards I won't want to cry anymore.
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I've been asked to teach a class for a local Schola in November (which is also why I can't enter Bhakail's Artisan's Challenge :::growl:::).

I could do the Jestbook class.

I could do ''Filking With History''.

I could resurrect Corybantic classes on mumming/masks or Illustrated stories (like Henry the V...Minutes).

I could put together some warmups and voice projection and physical comedy tips for a Stage Performing class.

possibly, we could do a messy mask-making class.

Do any planned attendees have a preference?

(Approximately cross-posted from FB)


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