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Updating, Part Deux:

Winter Nights was one of the best yet, IMHO  8)
Lillie and I travelled together from Northpass, a bit later than I wanted to (rassenfrassen traffic), and arrived at Aife's in time for soup and some bardic practice.      I got some great feedback for a story from "The Life Of Virgil(ius)" which much resembles a genie-emerging-from-a-hole-in-the-ground story from "1001 Nights".     ("Virgil's Life" is an item on the Captain Cox list)

There were awesome challenges between competitors, and phenomenal answers to those challenges.     Dreda challenged me to share a tale or song involving dignity lost.     The piece I used to answer this was an oldie but a goodie from my bag of tricks,   an attempt to get all the way through John Dowland's "Now O Now I Needs Must Part" without breaking down in "loud lamentacions" with great loss of the aforementioned dignity  8)     She answered my challenge of "a piece in the King's (or Queen's) English"    with a song by (of?) Richard Coeur de Lion, in persona.     It was lovely.

Round Two paired me with Aife, who challenged me with a theme of "choosing what is right rather than what is easy".
I took this opportunity to "debut" a redaction of "The Nut Brown Maid", set to music  (I chose lines from "Heart's Ease", "Mattie Groves" and "The Star of The County Down" to stitch together a FrankenTune in 4/4).   I will confess to still being, a little bit, at the point where I was glad and grateful to remember all the words (Twelve verses stripped down from thirty is still twelve verses).     I...may have been meaner than I intended with my return challenge, the carefully-worded "something with no bloodshed"  (rather than "no death", which would be much more of a challenge for most of us).      Aife's poem by / of Liadan was a magnificent answer which nearly left me in tears.  

Comic highlights involved Toki's version of the "Nuts 'n' Mutton" story from the Hundred Merry Tales, and several modern bits retrofitted with iambic pentameter or alliterative verse or Latin.    There were beautiful songs and breathtaking moments of in-persona play and a re-enactment of the two-person piece Grim and Lucien did at Coronation.

I'm grateful as always to Aife for putting up with--er, putting me up 8)  

I had an inkling that I may be getting my performing mojo back, and a reminder of things I often forget in the crush of a sometimes-challenging, frequently tiring day job.      I forget how good it feels to warm up.     I forget how important it is to use songs which I can sing properly without thinking about it, to remind myself that I can, in fact, sing.   Properly.    In a kind of dysmorphia which sounds disingenuous to people who don't know me very well,    I have to remind myself that I am an entertainer.      That I have studied / practiced the mechanics and can, with some preparation, access them.

At Winter Nights, something in my soul whispered, "Oh yeah.    I remember THIS."     8)
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