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--There is a chance that I missed the obvious in my research, in that I neglected to download public-domain copies of things I found before, like the 79 Black-letter ballads, etc.     However, I remedied that tonight.    

Link to "79 Black-letter Ballads"  http://archive.org/details/colletcionofseve00lilluoft%C2%A0

Link to Internet Archive copy of Laneham / Langham's Letter:  http://archive.org/details/lanehamsletterd00lanegoog ;

Last but not least, copy of a 19th-century book which surveys / summarizes the book / jestbook / ballad list (all owned / known by Captain Cox) from Laneham's Letter  ("Captain Cox, His Ballads and Books") :  http://archive.org/details/captaincoxhisba00lanegoog ;  It turns out the excerpt used in "Tudor Minstrel" is part of a longer list of works, and the second half of the list includes "The Hundred Merry Tales"  8)    8)

My Kindle is supposed to accept .pdf 's.  I downloaded and copied, the files show up on the list when the Kindle is connected to the computer, I can't read them yet, but if I attempt another transfer, at some point in the next few days TWO copies will appear there (Kindle's sort of a bitch that way...).


This is rather a long list, and we may not get to all the songs (OTOH, we have 90 minutes  8).

If you have a part song in mind to rehearse / learn and it's not on the list, and you have sheet music, we'll do it if you can bring copies to share.

Pastime With Good Company
Agincourt Carol
Pase el Agoa 
Ah Robyn
la la la je ne lose dir
Riu Riu Chiu
Psallite unigenito 
Now, O Now
Come Again, Sweet Love
Fortune My Foe
Chi Passa, per'sta strada
Une Jeune Fillette
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