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Every year, the church Youth Fellowship used to take us to a local golf course (Lehigh County had several) to the only miniature golf course in the area.    The concept has always charmed me, especially when the course is mechanically ingenious / creative.    I am...how to put this delicately...a sucky golfer, or I was the last time I attempted Making A Tiny Ball Go Where I Direct, in my twenties.    Real golf would have no appeal (I keep thinking about George Carlin's blistering indictment of elite rich people tying up all that land to chase such a teeny little ball), but the mini variety condenses the hazards and the space. 

The last two weeks have been sort of grueling.   (EKU gets its own f-locked post, and was multiple levels of awesome).    This was also the period during which I "made up" for the days I take off from work to go to Pennsic.     I want a treat, and this is what I settled on:    a miniature golf "crawl".      There are a number of courses in the city, and the two at the top of this list are calling to me:    http://newyork.cbslocal.com/top-lists/5-best-mini-golf-courses-in-new-york/    I've never been to Pier 25 or to Randall's Island, so this kills multiple birds with one stone.

There's a golf center in far south Brooklyn across from Aviator Sports, a short bus ride away from me, three in Queens  (two in Flushing, one in Douglaston), an indoor center near Union Square, in addition to the ones I plan to check out today.    That should keep me busy as long as the outdoor centers stay open  8)
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